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The introduction of our new products to the market is preceded by extensive research work, analysis of expert opinions and, last but not least, consumer reviews. Based on a lot of, unfortunately, mostly negative feedback, we came to the decision to introduce a revolutionary new product in the field of drinking water for our key customers, as well as for those who have decided for a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it must be pointed out that the quality of drinking water in some areas of our home is considered unsatisfactory, and in some areas it can actually have an adverse effect on health. After this fact was unequivocally confirmed by accredited testing laboratories, it was no longer a question for us that each of us has an inalienable right to high-quality, healthy, clean and tasty water!

Our services

have we developed in a unique way within the country, primarily with regard to companies and households – with the aim of contributing to the need for a healthy daily supply of water. The Aquaunion company is also dedicated to the sale and distribution of water dispensers, thanks to which the drinking regime will always be at hand!

Division focused on drinking water aquaunion

Man of the present, modern and hurried time is so ill-informed about health that several decades ago we set ourselves a goal: we have to change it! Perhaps nothing proves our activity more than the fact that even after so many years we can say: we are constantly developing, more and more people are joining us and showing us their trust.

Thinking about the health of our key clients, in addition to constant innovations and expanding the range of products, we consider it our mission to use the hidden treasures of our mother nature. We discovered such a source of water, which due to its composition was rightly included in our offer, what’s more, since 2015 we have become the exclusive distributor of this „gift“ of the earth. The water we distribute comes from a 130 meter deep artesian well. After processing in Pí centers, it is put into hardened, recyclable gallons, and thanks to modern techniques, it stays fresh for a long time.

"You have to experience the heat and the desert to understand the value of a glass of water."

Zorán Stevanovic